Contest Winners: Big Fat Daddy's Grill Baskets

WOW! This contest for the Big Fat Daddy's bbq grill baskets was huge. We had well over With over 199+ comments we had hundreds upon hundreds of entries (some people pinned 25-30 pins each! Thank you for that!)

We had to tally all the entries into a huge BUS TUB because they would not fit into a fish bowl or regular sized bowl and choose three winners:

These people will be notified today to choose Tshirt sizes from --- check your spam if you don't get it in your mailbox. Once we get your size, we'll have your basket sent out to you with tracking by next week!

Congrats to
Kristie Donelson
Angie Adelmen
Helen (helldog)

And thank you for everyone who has participated in our contest. Stay tuned for upcoming contests on our Giveaway page.