Friday, August 10, 2012

Hot Barbecue BBQ Basket Giveaway Big Fat Daddys Style

Hot Barbecue Gift Baskets are courtesy of Big Fat Daddy's

Okay, it's giveaway time!  The June, July, and August contests are wrapped into one, where THREE lucky winners are going to be awarded a  $50 Barbecue Gift Basket made from Big Fat Daddy's!  These baskets will be shipped FREE of charge to the winners and contain the following items:

Big Fat Daddys

1.  An official Big Fat Daddy's T-Shirt -  (Choose XL - 4X upon winning) cotton unisex T Shirt in various logos (since there are various styles this will be a random shirt sent to you.)  All have the Big Fat Daddy's logo but are super cool. You can see the various styles on their website (but they sell out rather quickly so you'll have to keep checking.) MSRP $25+

2. An official sample tin of Big Fat Daddy's #2 Dry Rub gourmet hand blended Spice for rubbing on meat, poultry, fish, veggies, or just about anything you plan to grill. This won Big Fat Daddy's a lot of publicity when it was created to be rubbed onto beef brisket, or bottom round beef.  Thanks to that spice, they were featured in the NY Times, Saveur Magazine, and Rachael Ray Magazine.  It is not commercially sold so treat it as gold.  (A complete free dry rub guide is available on their website).  MSRP $12.95+

3. A small grilling tip pamphlet.

4. A Made-In-USA Big Fat Daddy's plastic insulated coffee mug.  Keep things hot, or cold! MSRP $9.95+

5. A mystery gift - this could be a bottle of BBQ Sauce, Grill Tongs, Grill Mitt, or something special for the grill!  MSRP $6.95-$9.95

This basket totals over $50 MSRP!

BBQ Giveaway
Another variation of the basket.

Contest Rules 

  • Ages 13 and Up.  (A great gift to win for your Mom or Dad!)
  • Entries Start 8/10/12 and end on 9/4/12 Midnight EST.  Winners to be drawn and announced approximately 9/5/12-9/7/12.
  • Open to US and Canada residents.  (Both must provide UPS shipping address, not a PO BOX if you win.)
  • Unlimited Entries
  • You must have a clear way for us to get in touch with you. Leave your email, or blog/website information so we can find you!  It is important that winners choose a tshirt size XL-4X

How to Enter:
In a nutshell, Big Fat Daddy's offers grilling tips and barbecue advice and is asking for your help getting them more exposure. Do some easy social networking and sharing, and get an entry. 
*Use the address for all entries, and comment below that you have done so--if you have pinned 25 photos onto Pinterest, tell us that in a comment and leave your pinterest name. That way, we can verify and grant you all 25 entries. Simple as that. Do the entry, leave us a comment.

What Gives You Entries:  

FREE ENTRY:  Comment on the form below and tell us what you think of Big Fat Daddy's blog!


1.  Receive one entry for Google +1 the official Big Fat Daddy's Blog  and tell us below!

2. Follow either the Blog or Tumblr account and tell us below. Each is one entry!

2.  Receive one entry for  Pinning any photograph from Big Fat Daddy's Blog to Pinterest. You can pin as many as you want, therefore, each one is an entry.  Tell us your Pinterest name below and how many entries (total # of photos you've pinned).

3.  Receive one entry for following Big Fat Daddy's on twitter. Tell us your twitter!

4. Receive one entry for sharing any blog post to twitter, or putting Big Fat Daddy's website addy or blog address to your followers. Example, "Best #Grilling and #BBQ Tips Ever at"   You can do this as often as you like therefore, unlimited entries and let us know you have done so, tell us your twitter and how many times! Since each blog post has a different html address, you can really go hog-wild on this.

5.  Receive one entry for sharing any blog post to Facebook, or putting Big Fat Daddy's website addy or blog address to your Facebook account.  Example, "I have been finding the Best Grilling and BBQ Tips Ever at"   You can do this as often as you like therefore, unlimited entries and let us know you have done so, tell us your Facebook name!

6. "Like" official page. 

**SPECIAL ** Receive TEN entries if you have a blogspot, wordpress, tumblr account and do any kind of post about Big Fat Daddy's blog or website.  If you do this, send us the link below. 

  Get started, enter until 9-4-12.
Barbecue Giveaway

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