Vintage Pasta Maker : Italian History

If you saw this machine, would you know what it is ? Perhaps only if you are Italian like me, and saw your great grandmother making her famous noodles. I remember sitting in her old Chesterfield Avenue home in Baltimore, watching her make the dough, and run it though a press just like this. She was actually Greek but used a press just like this. She would then hang up the noodles to dry. You could make thin angel hair noodles or spaghetti. Those who did not have a linquini roller would normally just hand cut them.

The seller , AntoinettesWhims sure did her research on the machine, and explains that this was made in 1906 by Italian immigrant Angelo Vitantonio...who later went on to found the Vitantonio MFG CO of Cleavland Oh, in the Little Italy section of town. It was a family run company until they sold out in 2004, though it had a name change in the 1980's.  It is for sale for $250 in her shop, which is truly priceless to someone of Italian descent.