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Energy Green 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring Turbo

My Energy Green Honda Civic 41MPG on highway. 
Finally, a car that gets 41 MPG and is all gas, not hybrid. Honda Civic was North American's car of the year and I see why. I didn't intend on buying this car, but after due diligence I walked out with it and couldn't be happier.  The look of shock on the salesman's face. I just upped his selling price by 10K.  Guess he's eating steak for dinner.  This is a 2016 Energy Green Honda Civic Coupe, the gas tank is capless. 
I went into the dealer yearning for and test driving a Honda Fit.  Little known I found out the Honda Jazz is available in Indonesia, and I believe could be the same car as the Fit.  After 25 years of driving SUV's and wanting something better in gas as my work commute has doubled.  I wanted to see how I felt in a Fit as it's all gas.  
Hello Honda I think I love you.

It wasn't any disrespect to Honda,  but I didn't like the way the play was in the steering wheel. The Honda Fit has great mi…

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