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Well  here's something. I always wanted to know how to sew, but I didn't have the time of patience to learn. Now give me a needle and thread and I'll "mend" something but full fledge sewing is out of my category. My old neighbor Sandy has been determined to teach herself, and so she got out her old sewing machine and wiped the dust off. She first started taking in seams on her mom's clothing so she could alter them for herself.

Jackets for Real People!

Then she started copying patterns of purses and making tote bags. Every time I stopped by the old neighborhood for coffee, Sandy had a new creations. Her latest was making a nightgown for her sister and even sewing a gift box cover. I wondered how she advanced from the "I don't know how to sew" to the "advanced class." I thought maybe youtube tutorials, but no, she's not more of a book reader. Then I figured it out, quite simply, she is reading sewing books.

Sewing Books

In fact this website, has been teaching people how to sew for over 30 years. They features all kinds of sewing books, including award-winning sewing books and easy to read things for people who are starting or advanced. In case you are wondering, Pati Palmer has been teaching sewing for 37 years. She held many roles such as educator for Armo Interfacing Co and a department store buyer , as well as a home economist. Pati conducting seminars throughout North America and Austrailia for almost two decades traveling 26 weeks per year before establishing the Palmer/Pletsch International School of Sewing in Portland Oregon. Now trains consumers and sewing educators. Books are just a small portion of what you will find on the site!

From sewing costume designs to jackets, there is something for everyone there!

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