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Old Glory Sand Art
Source: Creative Sands: Patriotic Projects for Kids 

Bulk Colored Sand 

Here's a cute project to keep your kids busy, at birthday parties or to make holiday gift stocking stuffers.  Remember the old time sand art bottles ?  Well, this is a cute and colorful project for adults to do with their kids!

Today people are still making paperweights, bottles, charms, and necklaces with different colored sand.  They are even using it in the fish tanks and reptile tanks for colorful displays.  Did you ever wonder where to get all that sand?

It's sold by Creative Sands.   They offer 12 colors of non-toxic sand that is made in the USA.  This sand is safe for your kids, it won't stain or bleed, and it's perfect for many types of arts and crafts applications.  They offer the empty bottles and necklaces too that are plastic and safe for kids.

different color sand

Purple Sand $2.00 by Creative Sands, get it here. 

Find all the sand you need at Creative Sands Bulk Sand .   Top trending items on Etsy prove that sand art is here to stay.  Here are a few ideas what you can do with your kids and other items you can make with sand:
Sand Art Paperweight
Sand Art Paperweight, Source: Etsy 

rainbow sand art charm

Get your kids some sand and have them make cute charms like this Source: Etsy

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