Minnie Mouse Ears Paper Cut Outs Crafts

Minnie Mouse Ear cut outs Cardstock on Etsy
Adorable Card Stock Cut Outs range $2.99 and up here on Etsy. 

Scrapbooking, paper crafts and making art never was easier thanks to Karla Bester from Chicago, Illinois. Her cutouts are available for sale in Etsy shop Dimenchons Designs !  These 65 lb cardboard cutouts make for great crafting, items ship quickly and are affordable to purchase and ship.

Minnie Mouse Cut outs fromDimenchonsDesigns @Etsy
Minnie Mouse Cut outs from DimenchonsDesigns @Etsy

Use them for: 
Adornments to Photos
Making Greeting Cards
Party Invitations
Decorating Utensil Wraps for Place Settings
Gift Tags on Packages
Wedding Announcements
Party Invites
Collage Work
and even..........Cupcake Toppers.

I would so stick these cute little duckies on toothpicks, and into party cupcakes , easily removable and a simplistic decoration!

Ducks and Raindrops Paper Cutouts
Simply adorable Ducks and Raindrops, find them starting at $5.99...

Onesies Cut Outs

Great for the baby shower invites, adorable onesies find them here. 

Editor Pick: 
Army Onsesie cutouts from Etsy Shop
These are my favorite!

Find these and more at DimenchonsDesigns!