Energy Green 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring Turbo

2016 Honda Civic Energy Green
My Energy Green Honda Civic 41MPG on highway. 

Finally, a car that gets 41 MPG and is all gas, not hybrid. Honda Civic was North American's car of the year and I see why. I didn't intend on buying this car, but after due diligence I walked out with it and couldn't be happier.  The look of shock on the salesman's face. I just upped his selling price by 10K.  Guess he's eating steak for dinner. 
Energy Green Honda Civic
This is a 2016 Energy Green Honda Civic Coupe, the gas tank is capless. 

I went into the dealer yearning for and test driving a Honda Fit.  Little known I found out the Honda Jazz is available in Indonesia, and I believe could be the same car as the Fit.  After 25 years of driving SUV's and wanting something better in gas as my work commute has doubled.  I wanted to see how I felt in a Fit as it's all gas.  

Hello Honda I think I love you.

It wasn't any disrespect to Honda,  but I didn't like the way the play was in the steering wheel. The Honda Fit has great mileage ratings and unlike it's former years production is more spacious and roomy. The Fit, is, what is considered a mini station wagon and I felt totally safe in it, and with four doors and a big hatch, would have fit my needs.   After the salesman told me to try the CR-Z hybrid (only 2 left on the lot) I fell back in love with cars. The way they stick to the road and lack of play in steering. The dealer really wanted to push this CRZ out the door, but that was a red flag to me. 

Honda Civic Interior
The Econ button , lower right in green helps you with best mileage on the Civic. 

Honda Civic Coupe
Leather interior on Honda Civic Coupe

So, Honda, I have to ask, why would a Hybrid which charges the battery on gas then switches to all battery only get 37 MPG when the Civics are getting 41MPG on highway? Seems the Honda is redesigning the CRZ now and that's why the dealers are getting rid of the existing ones. Let's hope they find a way to design them to get MORE miles per gallon than it's gas counterparts.   I wanted the Energy Green Civic but I was forced to choose between two models, the basic without Sunroof, or one with fully loaded leather seats, sunroof and Touring Edition with Turbo. 

Hagerstown Honda Civic
Honda Civic In Energy Green 

So of course I bought the one with all the goodies.   Don't expect Honda to give you big discounts off, I was lucky to get $300 off without trade in. Why? They sell themselves. 

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