Sheylla Goncalves DIY Under 15 Seconds

Sheylla Goncalves has a great YouTube channel which shows all kinds of DIY and craft projects you can do quick and easy . (My personal faves include Washi tape and how to make a holder for a blowdryer!)   Most of the videos are so easy for beginners or good ideas for the advanced craft goddess, and most are only around 15 seconds! 

My favorite video - so cute and such a great idea to use Washi tape and jars to put gifts or craft supplies in!

Using her love for decorations and design, and everything related to art she began the Sheylla Goncalves DIY Youtube Channel.   She explained these videos didn't become a reality until two years ago.  She says, "I was working in a office that wasn't related to anything artistic, I needed something else to make me feel motivated. So I came up with the idea of video tutorials in 15 seconds. I've always liked the photo tutorials that you can find on Instagram and I used to ask myself if the things in the pictures really worked, so I decided to make videos of this pictures. The idea was to check if it was easy like in the pictures."

DIY Channel on Youtue: Sheylla Concalves

She's simply lovely and has adorable craft ideas!

Sheylla explains, "I'm Brazilian living in Los Angeles, I love everything related to art, I'm actress,art educator and storyteller. Right now I've dedicating my days between my craft videos and voice over for soap operas. I can call myself workaholic, the day that I'm not working feels weird. Well I have so much fun doing what I do that I can't barely call it work! ;) "

What's better than that? Her videos are easy to understand in both languages! I really hope she does well with these adorable DIY ideas!

Please see more or connect with Sheylla at: 
Instagram 15sIdeas
Youtube: SheyllaGoncalvesDiy