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Plum Plum Creations
Using ancient printmaking techniqes, artist Arianna Sautariello's work is stunning.

Featured Artist Arianna Sautariello in Venice, Italy

Finding an art studio that is perfect for the artist and represents their work is often hard to do.  It seems artist Arianna Sautariello of Plum Plum Creations in Venice, Italy has done just that.  Arianna creates beautiful handmade etchings, prints, watercolors and paintings created with true Venetian printmaking ways. 

Copperplate Etching
Linocut: Lion of Saint Mark, find it here. 

In her shop you'll find prints made with etching techniques ( linocuts and copper plate etchings) which encompass 15th Century ancient ways. Keeping this unique tradition alive today, as they were originally done in 15th Century Italy is extremely unique. All of this encapsulated in a very appropriate vintage artist studio called, " La Bottega del Tintoretto" !  

Arianna Sautariello
Arianna's Studio is available for tours! Find out more here:  Visit the Art Studio

Plum Plum Creations
Timeless Traditions:  Arianna Sautariello's Plum Plum Creations Studio is Simply Stunning
She has beautiful watercolor paintings, and drawings as well.  The small house at the top of this blog is part of her tiny house painting series, and they often sell out quickly. They are cute and adorable and well priced and all items ship to the USA.

This artist also has a keen eye for reproductions, and has created many frameable works.  In addition to all of that, she dabbles in photography, like this abandoned kitchen below !

Abandoned Kitchen Print / Arianna Sautariello

Kudos to Arianna for carrying on the work of those artists before her, but adding her own beautiful creations as well.   Support this artist by visiting her shop and sharing her works!


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