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Glitter Fabric at JosyRose

Glitter Fabric at is very hot right now. 

Glitter is here!

For artists and crafters finding new craft mediums and hot trends is the equivalent of winning the local lottery. There's no better feeling than getting some new supplies and creating up a storm.  The possibilities for glitter fabric are endless.  According to retailer JosyRose, "This is hugely popular in the UK right now."  They ship a lot of product to the states .

Glitter Fabric Sheet at offers high quality glitter fabric.

The fabric is just what it says, made of  quality glitter but produced in a way where it's on a sheet of fabric. Josy Rose's fabric is high quality, easily used, cut it easy without the glitter falling off!  Josy Rose has a huge variety of colors available to meet your needs.

So what do you make with Glitter fabric ? Here are a few suggestions.

Projects you can make with Glitter Fabric 

Glitter Fabric Party Hat from Etsy
Party hat ! Etsy  @LittleBlueOlive

Glitter Fabric Bow
Bows for hair out of glitter fabric!  This one  Etsy @JoyfulStudio

Glitter Fabric Bunting
Buntings/ Decorations from Names to Shapes, Etsy @GorgeousCraftsUK

Glitter Fabric Die Cuts

Diecuts for scrapbooking projects.  Etsy @PrettyDieCuts

Josy Rose has a huge selection of colors!

Josy Rose Glitter Fabric
Glitter Fabric Josy Rose  Find it here. 

Note: this was a sponsored post by Josy Rose but the ideas are our own. We love crafting and think that glitter fabric is fabulous!