Colorful Nursery Stickers and Wall Decals

Nursery Stickers
Adorable Nursery Sticker $45.40 here.

Nursery Stickers and Decals are the rage, and very affordable in comparison to repainting a child or baby's room. My friend just spent several weeks getting ready for her new baby, and decorating took the most time.

For myself, I'm tired of painting.  I was looking for a new look in my bedroom this past winter, and it took me two weeks to finish the project from start to finish. I first started by painting the furniture, but after I did them in colorblock, I decided I didn't like the walls.

Nursery Decals
This one is only $36.40 and is a great learning tool!

I then painted the walls, but when it dried it was a bit too dark. I tried to lighten things up by painting the trim, and so on, and so forth. It took me two weeks and probably the cost of $175 in supplies by the time I had to run out and get more paint. I managed to save and use OOPS paint on the furniture project but still supplies, rollers, drop clothes, and paint cost money. On top of that I did all the work myself. Had I paid someone it would have been upwards of $300.

Nursery  Stickers
Typsetting formats are set up, you just peel, stick and smooth onto the wall!

So why do all that when you can keep the decor and colors you love but draw attention to something other than the same old colors? You can easily peel and stick a vinyl wall decal on the wall for a fraction of the cost.  Here I am featuring the nursery stickers because they are so cute, and a viable option for the friends I know having children!

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