The Maker Boards for Artists Designers and the Curious

Etsy Forums, the Maker Boards.

Well, now defunt, the Maker Boards were a series of boards (oh how I miss those) like the old community boards. aka forums....if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must have not been here fifteen years ago. Community boards were big, and of course now with everything being so interactive finding helpful boards and threads is rare.  The boards, I thought, would have been worth their weight in gold but they vanished, poof, just like that. 

They were a set of Boards where folks in the community of artists, makers and designers can hop on and share inspiration, ask questions, share, or get advice for new techniques to build or make whatever we're working on.

I spent some time in the music boards.

The website was  called the maker boards, although it was new when I originally wrote it about, it vanished after 2015. 

I realized, these valuable resources can be found at Etsy, in the forums.  You don't have to have an Etsy shop to talk to other artists. Try it out!

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