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Wall Decal CHalkboard
Cute Chalkboard Decal and Fix a Room up in No Time $52.60 here

As read on Design-Swag, these great wall decals are an easy and affordable way to transform a room.  I get bored easily walking into the same old-same decor. A quick application of a vinyl wall decal can save me time and money versus painting.  You can be your own artist with a quick peel and stick and create a really eye catching display for pennies on the dollar!

Photo Frames Decal

Great for Dining Room "Photo Frames" Decal

I figured it out recently as a I spent three weeks painting some furniture in my bedroom. Not only did I go shop the "oops" section of the Home Depot but I had to buy new brushes, a pan, a drop cloth, etc. So just doing some furniture took me several coats, lots of time, and money.  So imagine if I did the walls and spent the same and then some, with masking tape, and getting someone to help me as I am a sloppy wall painter. Let's not forget the time.  What if I don't like it? See runs or just feel like it still didn't pick up the room like I thought it would? Well all of that can be avoided with peel and stick removable wall decals.

Bathroom Rules Decal
Bathroom Rules $35.70

These decals are removable and shipping in the USA is free when you spend $50. Not a bad deal at all.  I particularly like the bathroom decals to spice up a boring old room.

Check them out at MyWallDecals

Disclaimer: I do need to advise you this was a sponsored post, though the ideas are my own.

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