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Mindcradle Bedspread
MindCradle Bedspread

Check out these amazing Visionary Art bed sets from Mind Cradle Art and Apparel.  What's better than super cool designs is that all their bedding sets are printed and crafted in United States using eco-friendly printing process. This is called Dye-Sublimation which creates not only super vibrant works but also soft and long lasting works that are machine washable.

Fleece Blanket Blue Moon Mind Cradle

What an awesome way to bring more life and vibrancy to your bedroom. Mind Cradle's artists create positive artworks via elevated consciousness, open hearts and new ideas. Their designs embraces sacred knowledge and incorporates ancient widsom with unique creations. Artwork and Apparel, including home decor and linens are just some of the things you'll find here.  All products are produced and made in the US, which supports the local economy.  A portion of every sale directly goes to the artist. 

MindCradle.nett's The Dreamer bedset, $212-$250 range based on size.

Mind Cradle hopes to spread a positive message that is easily received and genuinely reciprocated.  Check them out here:  Mindcradle.net