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Pic: Josy Rose Craft Supplies, They have a Huge Assortment of Buttons 

Here's a London Based Haberdashery and Craft store that has been online for over a decade. I loved looking at all their unique buttons.  It is certainly interesting to see that other countries sometimes have a different selection of unique and different craft objects.  Josy Rose is loaded with embellishments, buttons, findings, jewelry making supplies, ribbons, and lace, sequin and beaded trims.

Keys from Josy Rose

Keys and Embellishments for Crafting and Scrapbooking from

For instance, something that is over saturated here in the states may be not be what's trending in another country.  It's often a good idea for artists and crafters to check other countries online boutiques to see if perhaps they can find unique elements they can use in their art , crafts, sewing projects, or jewelry making.  This will set them apart from the same old-same old styles here in the states. Unique and cutting edge is what sells.

                                                   Lace Trims

                               Some of the items you'll find at Josy Rose are made there too!

Couture design lives here.  You could really make your own clothes with a lot of special fashion trimmings that you don't see here in the States all that often. This is because they are also a manufacturer of some of their own sequin trims , beaded trims and lace trimmings.  Thanks to the DIY movement, more people are fashion saavy and wish to make their own couture clothing ! Now with specialty trims this can set them apart from the competition at pricing affordable to the bank account.

Josy Rose Tiara Making
Josy Rose Tiara Making Supplies!

Something I found particularity interesting is the section for the Tiara Making.  Every girl whether child or woman wants to be a princess and now they can. Finding unique supplies at Josy Rose to make the special tiara would be a fun craft project or gift idea for your little princess. 

Although prices are in British Pounds you can order to the States and with over 8000 items there's surely something to please.  

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Although this is a sponsored post for,  the concepts and ideas are our own.  All photographs belong to JOSY ROSE .