A-Z Craze Alternative Conjunction to Etsy ?

A-Z Craze
A-Z Craze Supply Bundle

A-Z Craze is a new online marketplace for those that make crafts or that have antique items to sell their products online. Although it's much like Etsy or Artfire, there are two easy plans available for sellers. 

Non-Commission ($5 a month/$50 a year) - Best Value!
This plan was previously $10/month but they reduced prices. Same level of outstanding features and service to our members. Any sellers currently on the $10/$100 plans have been refunded accordingly and converted to the new plan pricing.
Commission Plan (5% on all sales)
This plan is for those individuals that would rather pay a commission on sales vs a monthly or yearly fee. 

Which to choose?    If you anticipate earning more then $100 in sales per month you are better off paying for the Non-Commission plan as you will keep all your profits that way minus the small fee.

A-Z CRAZE: Alternative to Etsy? 

So how does this compare to Etsy?

Newer site with less products may mean more exposure.  
Etsy sellers can fit in here, and easily import their items. 
Handmade, supplies, vintage. 
A quick glance shows the site is already listed in google and many pages are already indexed. 
You can choose a plan that works best for you. 
Has the potential to go viral with many new features (below.)
Could be used in conjunction with Etsy.

Newer site so reporting numbers are unavailable. 
Alternative to Etsy

Features to Consider: 

- Etsy importer (allows sellers to import their products from etsy saving them time if they already list with etsy). Thereby getting there products listed in both places in record time!
- My A-Z Craze for Twitter, Automatic random product tweets to your page daily, Auto tweet about newly added products.
- My A-Z Craze for Facebook, List your products easily to your facebook pages.
- Tiny Shop, obtain JS snippet and list your products on site, blogs, and much more.
- PS Categories, Be freed from using our categories on your storefront, create and use your own.
- and much more.

We're curious to see just what happens with this site.  This was a paid post by A-Z Craze but the opinions are our own. Find out more: A-Z Craze.