Sandy Rose Mosaics Mosaic Artist

Sandy Rose Mosaics
Seeing another artwork piece in progress is so interesting. See this item here

I have never been good at Mosaics, but I found someone who is.  I truly love the Facebook page SandyRoseMosaics.  This artist makes mosaic art using stained glass , ceramic tiles, and art glass.  Each piece of work is carefully thought about and turns into something grand.

Mosaic Art is the art of affixing small shards, bits and nips of broken objects, namely glass and ceramics, and making something grand. Dating back to the second half of the 3rd Millennium BC, great historical pieces have been found. In the old days fragments of abalone, ivory or bone were used as well.
Sandy Rose Mosaics
Sandy Rose Mosaics Shows Works in Progress

What I like most is you can see works in progress and the final outcome.  Currently, she's working on a custom mosaic for Demot Guitars, and will be using Moroccan ceramic and iridescent glass pieces on the finished project. Each piece has a bit of history to it and careful planning.  She says "The piece above (in progress left) and below (finished) was made for a woman who found her birthmother after being  adopted as a baby. Upon finding her birth mother, she learned the family had used the sympol of the pink rose to represent the love they had for her (as a baby) all those years."

Sandy Rose Mosaics

Finished Pink Rose Mosaic: Hidden Meaning of Love

The piece ended up being a gift for the birth mother from her daughter.  "Mosaics can represent the broken and shattered pieces of us. The pieces are then put back together to make something more beautiful than what you started with."

Interesting concept.

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