Twenty Gifts Under $20 Etsy Christmas Shopping Guide

Merry Christmas Banner on Etsy, reusable from MarkedCo

 1. MarkedCo in Seattle offers this great REUSABLE banner for only $17.95

Christmas Shopping Made Easy For Everyone on Your List

The neighbors have already went from Halloween to Christmas, and I find, as I age gracefully time seems to go faster. This was a myth I heard from my great grandmother once, but it has proven to be true. So I have the best ideas for Christmas, support the small business and snuggle at home in pajamas and do one click shopping like I do. Under $20 doesn't make you el cheapo, in fact you can score some great gift ideas handcrafted with love for less than four fiverrs.   These are my top picks.

For Her  (Mom, Aunt, Sister, Gran, or Office Co-Worker)

ScarfSlide from Shawl Pin Heaven on Etsy

2.    Scarf Slide Ring by Shawl Pin Heaven, is created with love in Mechanicsburg, PA by artisan Kerri White and can make the worst scarf (the one your mother gave you for Christmas and you are forced to wear that print this year to show her you love the scarf) look the best for only $13.50, a real steal.  Her shop is loaded with gorgeous pins to make even the most boring outfit pop!

teaCup sugar cubes gives under $20 from etsy

3.  Teacup sugar cubes are shaped like tiny tea cups and oh so edible from WishingWellArt, for the tea lover you know they will adore these. Add to a recycled food jar or mason jar and tie with a bow, voila, a great gift.  Get 18 of them for only $12.95 ! The shop is loaded with other cutesy cubes made by Alisa from Risingsun, Ohio!

Domino Sugar Baltimore Art Print on Etsy

4. Speaking of Sugar, look at this great Baltimore Art Print, of the Domino Sugar Plant. This was captured from Rose Anderson, a Baltimore photographer and Etsian of HummingbirdBay.

Book Print Audrey H from Etsy

5. Audrey Hepburn Book Print is for the vintage fashionista who loves to put chic decor on the wall. Made at SherriDPrint  in California for only $12.00 a real bargain. See it here.

Cloissonne Brooch and Earring Set on Etsy

6. Staying on fashion what about jewelry?  Cloissonne Enamel Brooch and Earrings for only $15 (Etsy on sale price $12), makes for two gifts in one! Split the set and give to your loved ones, or to that special person who loves a pretty pin or earrings! Ships from Ohio, at .RetroRoadshow

vintage mickey mouse tupperware popcicle containers on etsy

7. NCL Vintage offers these super cute Mickey Mouse Tupperware Popsicle makers for only $6.17. A great gift idea for the mom who has a little one at home!  This item ships from Gaithersburg, MD!

vintage mod pot on Etsy NCLVintage

8.  From the same shop above we can't dismiss this awesome MOD looking pot, a great gift for the vintage kitchen cook. The price? Only $10.62.

Juice Reamer Green on Etsy

9.  Yellow Bee Vintage offers this great juice reamer, depression glass green for only $15.00. Pretty enough for the best kitchen lover and as you can tell, would look great in a windowsill with light shining through.

Soccer Mom Gift

10. Know a soccer mom? Get her a vintage soccer trophy and have a plaque made at the nearest trophy store near you. "Best Soccer Mom!"  This trophy only $16.95 at RetroChalet.

For the Guy :   (From Hillbilly to Computer Geek there's something for him) 

Shopping on Etsy can prove to be painless even for the tough guy to buy for on your Christmas list.  

Bacon Candle on Etsy

11. Smells like bacon!  That's right, do you know a guy who wouldn't want to smell bacon? Not me.  This Bacon soy candle is a steal at $9.50 and from my home state of Maryland! Woot Woot! Made with eco friendly soy which will burn longer than wax, and  comes in a reusable tin.  Find it at GildedTrees.

MacBook Decals at MarkedCo on Etsy

12.  Macbook decals are available average pricing around $9.50 at Marked Co.  This is a graphic shop from Seattle . Have you noticed all cool things come from Seattle, like good coffee and Pearl Jam? Since at least a billion people have Mac's,  this should be hard buying for someone on your gift list.....

Motorcycle tool Guy Gift on Etsy

13.  Motorcycle stamper is a tool for leather crafts. Your guy may use this for pressing out some cool designs onto something, or in a mini display.  All the way to you from Ravenna, Ohio offered by Joshua shop owner for $16.99 here at RetroRoadshow

Cowboy Coffee Cup gift for him on Etsy

14.  Western Coffee Cup at IDConnection, order as many as you would like at $19 each. Straight from Texas baby, go vintage or go home!

Craft Brew Typography Tee on Etsy

15.  Beer guy enjoys the craft brew? Look no further for this custom typography print tee made in NY for only  $18.95 at DISTINKTTEES on Etsy.

vintage barbells on etsy

16.  For the guy who has put off working out til now, no better time than with these five lb vintage barbells, for only $14 a vintage piece of history. These would be a good gag gift for the one who wants to start slowly on their exercise regimen. From Prairie Treasures.

For the Crafty Only:

Trophy Toppers on Etsy  $1 each

17.  Trophy Toppers (plastic) from RetroChalet.  20 pcs for $20, you can make your own crafts.  Top wine corks and give them as gifts, or saw off the bottom and glue to the front of a notebook or binder for a unique look.  Find them here.

Bin of Zippers on Etsy for Crafting

18.  Bin of Zippers, what's better than a whole darn bin of zippers for $19? You can use to make purses, necklaces, jewelry, scrapbooking projects or in your sewing!  Found in Pennsylvania at Lucky13VintageGoods!

china shards for crafting from etsy

19.  Broken China Shards and French note box,  what could you make with these beauties? For $12.95 a good deal to find out, ships from Baltimore, MD. See them here .

Cat Stamper on etsy

20.  Cat Letterpress stamp adds cute charm to any craft project or envelope. This one, in vintage rubber ships from Baltimore here and is only $7.95. Who doesn't love a cute kitty?

Nope, you won't catch me shopping with all the masses. I am a one click bargain hunter ship to home.  I then reuse the packing materials and boxes in my own Etsy Shop, retrochalet.  So there you have it.  Enjoy these great finds.

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