Little Gems for your Neck by Luisa

Little Gems by Luisa Necklace on Etsy
Little Gems by Luisa - $33.06

I've been summer shopping for cute outfits Etsy shop Little Gems by Luisa has the cutest summer necklaces. Here's some I truly love.  All are handcrated by Luisa herself, and contain a unique array of stones and handiwork.  Above, delicate necklace of pearls and green crystals with a pendant and a cascade of pearls abalone, crystals and shell, love it.

Little Gems by Luisa

Bridal Pendant or just lovely neck gem?  $37.78

Above, my second favorite a beautiful clear purple crystal pendant is rose gold , simple yet elegant. A beautiful frosted purple agate, a silver pearl and a large purple crystal attached to the chain. Luisa made it as a bridal pendant, but I can see it great for out on the town.  

Little Gems by Luisa

Agate Necklace $42.50

This wonderful Asymmetric phase necklace is uniquely adorned with mismatched beads and a lovely center agate.  Each necklace is unique and cannot be duplicated and that's why  I  love it!  These will contain Agate, Pearl, Shell, Abalone, Crystals, etc and priced at $42.50, a real bargain.