Handmade and Vintage Marketplace Alternative to Etsy?

My Misi, the new Etsy? gives sellers an easy online marketplace for handmade, craft supplies, and vintage.

A New Place to Sell ? 

A US and UK handmade / craft / vintage marketplace website just emerged called, an offshoot of the reputable .  The has grown to be one of United Kingdom's biggest and well loved handmade marketplaces, with only Etsy as it's main rival.   Now there's good news for USA folks,  now sellers in the US can use, a shop-in-shop site! Easy to use and all items included are vintage (20 years old) , handmade and craft supplies.

Sell Vintage on

Vintage sellers, you can sell vintage on!

I signed up myself with my Facebook login, and attempted to open a shop. I have to say this whole process including my first listing only took me 5 minutes. Registration is easy, using Facebook or Twitter credentials (or your email) to sign up, and becoming a user is free to do.   The marketplace will first prompt you to enter a payment method that you will accept, then allow you to list items. The items are done in three easy screens, and since I tried it myself, it's pretty darn easy!
My Misi Marketplace
The My Misi Markeplace is easy to use and enter information.

What About Fees?

 Selling is easy too, no fee to have a store.  Items are only 20 cents up front for a listing and 3% on sold items. They are having an April promotion where you can list items free!

MyMisi online shop easy to use for vintage, handmade or craft sellers.

Here is my shop on MyMisi. Note the share buttons for more exposure!

What they Say:

Q: As an online handmade marketplace, that goes beyond e-commerce, can you tell us more about the handmade marketplace and what MyMisi’s philosophy is?

A: Handmade creations are made with love and have that special personal touch of the crafter making the gift. Handmade items are part of a country and part of a culture. They are the result of the creativity of a person.    One of the amazing aspects of handmade is not only that each item is unique, but each item can be personalized to the taste of the buyer.

Q: What is the goal of MyMisi?

A: Our philosophy is to build more than a handmade marketplace but a community. We feel that by working side by side with our MyMisi sellers, We're helping them to build their business and promote their work from ground up. Some of our sellers have managed, with our help to grow their business, others are making their first steps, but we are there for all of them! Front Page
 This is the size of photos on front page. You can easily put items "for sale".