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Jena Maroukis
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Jena Maroukis is an interior designer and craft creator in Pennsylvania! This means she can transform personal or public spaces into something wonderful. Before, they may have been dull and drab, but after Jena works her magic they are cozy and comfortable welcoming rooms. Something unique is that Jena often uses one of a kind furniture and handmade crafts she made herself!

Jean Maroukis Window
 She sells these windows here for $25 in her store.

Using Crafts in Interior Design

If you think about changing the decor of your room from regular to cottage or country, then you will need crafts to do it. For Jena, this works out great because she makes the crafts custom to fit the space.  For instance, perhaps she will use this window when transforming a home, special made by her for the client to match the special color palette that must be used for the job.

Designs by Jena Maroukis of JM Crafts and Design
Love this look! See more original designs in her official store here. 

Imagine how your friends will love a one of a kind piece made for you to match your new color palette. I'm all about unique designs and I think Jena has a vision most interior designer's don't have. Most will go hunting for the right item but Jena already is thinking how to make it.  Wouldn't you rather have something handmade with love than something commercial found? I know I would.

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