Crayon Art Made to Order by Crayonvas

Crayon Art Made to Order on Etsy

Crayonvas creates something custom for you. Pick the phrase and wait for your creation!

Creating with Crayons

Well here's something unique, it's crayon art, that's made to order, and it's super cute!  Created by Crayonvas on Etsy.  You can get anything you want said, simply pick your size and phrase and the artwork will be custom created for you.  Your creation will come with melted crayons all over it, and look how cool it looks:

Crayons from Etsy Artist Crayonvas

Melted Crayons make every creation unique!

Each piece is made to order by shop owner Sami, and will be a one of a kind unique piece!  They are priced on size desired.  You pick your phrase and color options.  Simply affordable when you consider the materials and time that goes into such creations.    To create this special effect the artist must go through a lot of work and not something I would want to experiment with myself. I'd rather pay to get it done right the first time and I can think of many cute ideas for such a piece. (Not to mention the artwork is shipped properly so it gets to you in once piece!)

etsy shop Crayonvas
 Etsy Shop Crayonvas!

I could think up five good uses for such a creation of this magnitude:
  • Sign in a cafe' or business
  • Cheery wall art for the rainbow lover
  • Inspiration in the Art Studio
  • In a crafty little girls' room with her name on it
  • Gay Pride gift for friends who are gay ("Charles")
You can all the available styles here at Crayonvas.  Need something special? Contact her...

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