Lots of Buttons for Sewing and Crafts

Buttons from Lots of Buttons
Find out what you can do with these buttons from LotsofButtons here.
 I used to call myself a bartist for short, ( a button artist), because I made full items out of buttons. I used to find them at thrift stores and flea markets, but over time vintage sewing supplies doubled in price.  Additionally, some of the older buttons that were made of shell or bakelite ended up easily crumbling or breaking and did me no good.  I really needed to find colorful buttons, in plastic, that would last me awhile.  A lot of people have asked me where to find lots of different buttons for crafts and sewing.

I suggest Lots of Buttons .  LotsofButtons.com actually has thousands of buttons styles, in fact if you really need to know I've seen over 26 thousand types of buttons. This is perfect for the crafter who is looking for special color palettes, or the sewing guru who needs that special look to a dress, blouse or sweater.  Here's why I like them.

  • The largest selection online. 
  • From synthetic to natural horn, you can find anything.
  • Free shipping over $20
  • Shop by COLOR
  • Blog has great crafty ideas!
  • Wholesale pricing for business owners
  • Buttons you have never seen before. 
  • They also carry charms and adornments.
So with 26,000 buttons how do you not have favorites? Sure you do. Here are my top three favorite buttons today...

Lots of Buttons Elfrieda
1.  Meet Elfrieda.  This sassy button is something else. I'm normally not a fan of square but she had me at hello. The more you buy the more you save. She is super cool and would look great on that handmade sweater , to spice up a black blouse and add some color, or to adorn a super crafty project.  Find her here.

Stephan Button from Lots of Buttons
2.  Meet Stephan. He's a handsome button, and I like the subtle hues.This would look great making a boy's room picture frame, or in scrapbooking, Add colorful ribbons and glue these buttons onto the front of a photo binder.  Find him here.

Lots of Buttons  , Style Linnie

 3. Let me introduce you to Linnie.  Pretty and neutral but with a look of vintage styling Linnie is actually METAL!   I wanted to make curtains and use these buttons to accent the tops of the curtains.  Another idea would be to make a headband and use these for accents.  Linnie would look great with the right fabric in a sheer blouse.  Say hello to her here.

Also I live on their blog because they add ideas to use buttons in crafts.  As for me, I use  buttons in my recycled art.  Here's something I made with my buttons  using an old aluminum fry pan, some craft glue, buttons and a poker chip! 
Sunny Side Up Eggs, made out of buttons. See full sculpture here.