Glow Universe Glow Sticks Case Study

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Are they just that cool?  Perhaps I was wrong when I used to think this was a fad for just the holidays. I often saw them for sale at street fairs, carnivals or 4th of July thinking that most people would use them once then dispose of them.

For children these are something no short of a miracle. Seeing them light up at night can keep them occupied for hours at an event.

PBS television explained that a glow stick's reaction is based on a chemical reaction between the chemicals inside, when mixed and activated (aka glow stick broken.)  It is in fact interesting that science plays a huge part in their working, no batteries and surely no electricity needed.

light up barware at glow universe
Assortment of Light up Barware from GlowUniverse


There is much debate on use of glow sticks, some organizations worried about the debris, (more so the plastic) and some worry about the chemicals.  Some places have went so far as to outlaw glowsticks from fairs or festivals. A majority of concerts, raves, street fairs and parties still use them!

DEBRIS: I've looked into all these concerns.  For debris factors, it is true they are made of plastic, and this perhaps if the big whammy for people being concerned. However, in my opinion what is the difference of  discarding a glow stick versus  a child's doll ?  What about those parents who buy their kids a cheap junk toy from the dollar store and discard it.  How does that fare in comparison?  What about batteries for child's toys that are disposed of daily?  We don't hear pepole compariing them to glow sticks. In fact so many things operate on batteries these days, that I'm actually HAPPY to say glowsticks done.

ECO FACTORS:  I was shocked to read this article on how to get glow sticks to light up again which indicates how you can make them glow again from a science perspective.  As well, you can now obtain glow in the dark glasses and barware, which means these items are re-useable even after the lights have gone out.   Wholesale at GlowUniverse they are priced as low as .87 each.

EPA: In addition, the EPA monitors them and deems them safe, thus far. 

glow jewelry from glowuniverse
Glowballs go onto the Glowjewelry at GlowUniverse.

So here you have a need for a company even though there seem to be major opinions of some environmentalists are not so hip. Glow Universe, is one of the largest wholesalers of  glow jewelry and glowsticks with huge amounts of inventory changing and keeping up with the wants and trends. They stock everything from bliking bangles to light up cups.  I bet these are a bit hit with bars and nightclubs, streetfairs and night time raves!

So, it's safe to say there's something bigger than life still going on with Glowsticks. The truth is it seems glow sticks are here to stay, their popularity and increased demand will keep them around for years to come.

This goes to prove marketing your product into a national enterprise can be done, even when there are haters involved. This from a business aspects should reinforce to all of you starting your own business, where there is a want and a need, you can succeed, even if people don't all agree to the products you sell. 

Pictures Courtesy of GlowUniverse.