Vivid Minded Joe Papagoda Artist

Original Painting at Vivid Minded etsy Shop
Red and White Striped Painting measures 10x30"  Love this mod design!
Check out the work by award winning and internationally collected artist Joe Papagoda . I am a big fan of Joe's work.  Originally hailing from Connecticut his work is highly sought after.  It's no wonder. Look at these gorgeous abstracts!

Abstract Painting Joe Papagoda
Joe Papagoda Abstract Painting  

Joe Papagoda Art
Gorgeous Acrylic by Joe Papagoda, 11x14" 

Modern Painting by Joe Papagoda
Modern painting, 5x7 lovely stripes by Joe Papagoda
Joe's work involves a lot of vivid color, blending, and patterning.  He reminds me of the next Warhol. These are some of my favorites, but you can see all his work here:

Etsy Artist Joe Papagoda
Abstract original by Joe Papagoda
Pictures :