Nathan Jalani Taylor Amazing Art Illustrations and Paintings

The Learning Tree
The Learning Tree from Nathan Jalani Taylor
Today I was checking out the recent work of Nathan Jalani Taylor an amazing artist from Rockford Illinois. Among his talent is visual art, painting, illustrating, art director and if you want to get technical, comic strip creator when he was only 15.  According to the Rockford Register Star, he was their youngest published comic strip artist.

Medicine Man, 2009 , Artist Nathan Jalai taylor
One of my favorites called "Medicine Man" by Nathan Jalani Taylor

According to Uptown Magazine, "Nathan Jalani Taylor makes expressive semi-abstract works whose subjects speak to contemporary life, with a feeling of music in their bones. Strong, graphic and colorful. they add light and stimulation to any space they inhabit."

I agree, not only is his work great for the wall, but Nathan has found a practical use for his art, adorning useful objects, such as tshirts and garments!
T Shirts by Artist Nathan Jalani Taylor
T-Shirts by Nathan Jalani Taylor: Find them on Skreened
The shirts you can purchase on Skreened, but he's also got a large line of Canvas Prints, Posters, Magnets, Messenger Bags and more available at Zazzle store.

Nathan Jalani Taylor, Spirit Messenger Bag at Zazzle
Many original art messenger bags you can find at Nathan Jalani Taylor's Zazzle Store!
Nathan says, ""I have multiple styles and dimensions to my artwork. Strong form and flow with vibrant colors, emitting an uplifting spiritual feel is the unifying theme. I make abstracted people with paint skillfully dripped on the canvas, colorful figurative paintings, and mandala-like geometric illustrations, amongst other things."

Here's a video of him creating his wonderful "Revel Lion" here:

Finished and my favorite:

Gorgeous Colorful Revel Lion Painting by Nathan Jalani Taylor
"Revel Lion " By Nathan Jalani Taylor

There's an element of spiritual meets animalistic and eclectic in his work. I love this blog post which showed his then  new art illustrations but you can see various uses of lions in his work. Not just that, but his designs have meaning and depth to them, even though they are technically, just one dimensional. See for yourself:

King of Hearts by Nathan Jalani Taylor
"King of Hearts" by Nathan Jalani Taylor

It's no wonder's Brian Hull said, "Visual artist Nathan Jalani Taylor’s cover art for Play With The Changes instantly drew me in with its primal simplicity."

I couldn't agree more.   You really should check out his creations. Here's how to connect:
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