Anna Kirsen on Boha Glass Hand Blown

Isle of Wight Hand Blown Glass
This is Isle of Wight glass. Courtesy: Boha Glass's Isle of Wight page

Boha Glass is an online art gallery, shop and art glass blog. They showcase hand blown art glass by some highly talented glass artists from across Europe.   Each piece is hand made and signed by the artist.   The gallery is runby Anna Kirsen and the items are shipped mail order, carefully packaged to find their new home anywhere in the world. 

Adam Jablonski. blown glass at Boha Glass
Boha Glass, Handkerchief bowl by Adam Jablonski.

I never knew how much work and precision goes into making blown glass. I was lucky to have a chance to interview Anna!

Boha Glass
The detail of hand blown glass can be amazing. Pic: Boha Glass
Q: What is the best thing about art glass?

A: The variety you get, in colours, shapes and designs, there is so much to choose from.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?

A: From our artists, my favorite is Adam Jablonski. His work has such great colors and curves and it really is magical. Sadly, he has retired now and we bought the very last items of his stock. Once they are gone there will be no new Jablonski Glass on the market.

Boha Glass, too pretty to be real!
Too pretty to be real , but it is, at Boha Glass Blog

Q: How do you find new talent?

A: We scour the internet, using local language to find art glass artists that have yet to be discovered in the West.

Q:  What are the most popular items?

A: Everybody loves glass perfume bottles but they are very hard to source. We have just managed to get our hands on some beautiful new ones which we hope will arrive in the shop before Christmas.

Pyrcak hand blown vase at Boha Glass

Marian Pyrcak hand blown vase.
Q: Is there anyone you would like to stock, but can’t?

A: My favorite glass artist in the whole world is the American Art Glass artist David Patchen, but his work goes for almost $10,000 and I don’t think people would buy that online. In a showroom, maybe but not online.

Q: Do you collect glass outside of work?

A: Yes, I collect Isle of Wight Glass from the 1970s, especially Azurene. It is quite psychedelic in color and has a lovely deep coloration which I adore.

Check out Boha Glass. 

Bonus, Here's a video!