Your Daily Jewels by Norah Downey

YourDailyJewels Etsy Shp
Silver personalized necklace is handcrafted by Norah Downey, this $55 and comes in any initial!
Today on Artist Corner, I've found this wonderful jewelry handcrafted by Norah Downey. Her Etsy shop is Your Daily Jewels,   The articles found in this shop remind me of old world styled, made with a Bohemian flair. Just like our ancestors centuries ago, much time and pride is taken making every piece.  As you can see they are "wax seals" but in a modern version that would look great at the office or at the club.  Norah says, "I love envisioning and designing jewelry in my mind, creating it with my hands, and knowing customers from all over the world are wearing my work and it is making them happy. "

YourDailyJewels Shop on Etsy monogrammed jewelry
Lovely monogrammed bracelet is both hip and trendy, $95 and so worth it.

As you can see the designs are hip and trendy!  Norah is a busy bee, she actually runs three stores on Etsy.   She says, " Every piece of jewelry is handmade by me personally. I am owner, designer, artisan, photographer, writer, researcher, purchasing department, quality control inspector, shipping department, office manager, marketing director and customer service rep! And dreamer."

Your Daily Jewels offers these great wax seal pendants
You get them how you want them, with a variety of ordering options.

There are many style choices available, and she's taken an eco friendly approach to her jewelry. She explains these aren't regular silver, but fine silver, "They are 100% recycled fine silver.The difference between "fine" silver and "sterling" silver is that fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver is only 92.5% silver. They look the same, wear & polish the same, however, fine silver is more "pure" and therefore, more costly than sterling silver. The silver I use us 100% recycled with zero negative impact on the environment. "

What's better than that? These would make THE PERFECT gift ideas.

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