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I found the real TheBusyElfWorkshop look at these cute items, 4/ $99
It's not even Thanksgiving yet. There are two types of people here in the States. Those who loathe the after-Thanksgiving retail crowds and those who love them.  The lovers will wake at one AM and stand in line when it's 30 degrees out to get a good place in line. There they will hope to survive the pushing crowds as the doors open of their favorite store, to get the limited quantities of bonus discounts off their favorite items. Last year my aunt scored a bigscreen TV at half the cost it normally was. Her discounts paid off, but  I am a loather. I used to work in Retail. I still have bad dreams of how many times I had to fold that shirt display at Macy's.  Please, please, don't mess up the T-Shirts.....  My husband still wonders why I refold all his shirts a certain way.

The Busy Elf Workshop on Etsy has personalized creations
OH SO CUTE! One touch click and let the Elves do all the work at TheBusyElfWorkshop on Etsy

Retail scars you for life, trust me.  So shopping from my laptop in the comfort of my jammies holding my favorite Pumpkin Spice coffee? Priceless.  I want to say BA-HUMBUG but then cute ideas of Chirstmas cheer me up. One touch shopping at The Busy Elf Workshop on Etsy. Chck out the adorable vintage looking creations on personalized stockings for Christmas.   Reminds me of something I'd see in an old Christmas movie.  I don't mind the elves doing all the work, I just have to push "add to cart" and provide names to go on them. Fill them with small trinkets and my shopping is FINISHED!  Woot woot.
BusyElfWorkshop Best Gift for Mom from Etsy
Let your fingers do the shopping and the elves do all the work! How cute from Etsy!

They seem to be quite popular but you have to get your order in soon, there a waitlist of up to ten days because these Elves tend to be super busy!

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