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I don't say enough about my husband Wayne Schafer, who is owner of Big Fat Daddy's. If it wasn't for his thirty year ties to Baltimore and the community that supported him he wouldn't be where he is today. In magazines, newspapers and books.  He also had a large following in Virginia.  They loved him. He loves Virginia.  

It's so often that people grow their business and forget where they came from. They sort of grow too big too fast and forget about the fact they are human and started small.  My husband works hard every day. When you own your own business it's a 24/7 headache. He never stops. I often thing when he sleeps, he's got ideas running through his head. 

Do Something Good

I was so very proud of him when he decided to have a festival in Virginia to honor the passing of my Mom. We didn't have a funeral. Not even a viewing. Truth be told, when my mom died after a successful cancer operation we were all immobilized. The shock hit hard and tore the family apart.

To do something positive instead of the negative situation when we lost mom after her battle with cancer just a few years back is simply motivating. On top of that, it was my stepfather we lost  only a few months after.  They were married 33 years.

Visit Us At Hogging Up

Hogging Up will be a festival giving back to the community and to CancerCare. It's in Winchester, Virginia, just a stones throw from Baltimore. Right up route 70, past Harper's Ferry and into Virginia.  Why there? It's a beautiful small town and serene place nestled in a county setting, off I-81 and some place Mom would have loved.   Close enough that Baltimore, DC, and West Virginia, and PA folks can come to.

It's right on Martinsville Pike, route 11 at the Frederick County Fairgrounds, 155 Fairgrounds Road, Clear Brook VA 22624  June 28 Friday (4-11), Saturday (10-11) and Sunday (10-6) 2013 and is called HOGGING UP BBQ & MUSIC FESTIVAL.  

We will have bands, fun zone, cornhole, a plane, a monster truck, bluegrass, newgrass, vendors, arts, crafts, food, barbecue to eat, lemonade to drink, wine, beer, music, music, music and mini cars to ride.....HEY ITS FOR MY MOM DID YOU THINK WE WOULDN"T DO IT UP RIGHT? 

Bands include:

Burnt Orange Band
Stoney Creek Bluegrass
Avey Music and Mountain Ride
Gary Smallwood
Dangerous Mood

Why Cancer Care?  
We are trying to raise money for CancerCare.  In case you are wondering, they offer counseling services and financial suggestion for patients and families battling cancer. Mom was always so stressed about her bills--you know, even with her good state insurance there was copays and coinsurance that the insurance didn't pay. I remember the stack on her table, and blame the stress of having cancer for being the killer.

Giving Back 

On top of that Wayne has decided better off to help three local Virginia non profits in the meantime. You can read more about htat on his official press release, or at the official hoggingup.com website.

Needless to say I'm taking some time off to help him with this.  I hope to see you there.