Sharon Foster Art Cute Animal Paintings

possom painting from artist Sharon Foster
Adorable Possum is an original piece of art, and comes with an Easel for $25 at SharonFosterArt on Etsy.
Sharon Foster  an artist on Etsy from Columbus, MS.  She has the cutest whimsical animals in curious poses in her SharonFosterArt.  

piggy flying by sharon foster art on etsy watercolor artist
Sharon Foster Art Etsy shop has a cute take on pigs, this on paper only $12 so cute!

Watercolor is her medium, and you won't just see animals. You may see fruit, flowers, but to be fair: pigs are prevalent. In case you are wondering the story on the pigs, you can read it here on her profile page.

Sharon Foster, Artist on Etsy shows her colorful owls
$45 for these colorful owls, very adorable by SharonFosterArt, an original on Etsy.
She says, "Painting makes me happy and I want to share that happiness with others. I adore animals, flowers, color and use all those elements in my paintings."

etsy artist Sharon Foster watercolor watermelon
Watermelon: 4x6 $8.25, a few of these fruits and vegetables watercolors would look great on the wall!
Sharon is a wonderful watercolor artist. Her seleciton of fruits and vegetable paintings are great, and would look dynamite in your kitchen for summertime! 

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Hey, she also has a Vintage Shop on Etsy !