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Today's Artist Corner features fun with Perler Beads!

Check out Pixel Closet on Etsy. This is a must for the gamers and those who love the cute anime characters from today, or yesterday. Their inspiration comes from their love for games, anime and all things retro. Their little plastic "pixels" are perler bead art neatly created into cool characters that everyone will love and recognize! Have you ever played these games, watched or read this type anime--this shop is for you!

Pixel Closet Etsy Shop : Sailormoon
Approx $16.12 sailormoon creation by PixelCloset on Etsy!

This shop comes to you all the way from Perth, Australia!  When asked what their inspiration was for all these cool perler bead designs, , we got their exclusive response:

"The items that we create was predestined to accompany and remind you of the joy of:
- Staying up late just to finish watching anime
- Sacrificing dinner time just to "clock" your game
- The *fun* argument among siblings for not giving up the game controller
- Sleepless nights of doing nothing except staying in your room and grinding to level up your characters in an rpg
- Hunting ducks with your trusty dog...who would then laugh at you for missing.
- Arguing with friends on how to properly pronounce the name "Ryu"
- Beating the game...with the aid of the Konami code ^_^;
- Finally beating Level 3 in Battletoads
- Using that Red Shell to take first place!
- Kicking Dracula's butt in Castlevania and every subsequent game since then :)
- Experiencing the masterpiece that is Super Metroid
- Sunday morning anime tv shows"

PixelCloset on Etsy
Rigby and Mordecal have been artfully created from perler beads at PixelCloset on Etsy

The Perler beads are like tiny "pixel dots" and look cool from either side you hold them. This definately takes a special eye for color and talent!  Step into their shop and check out what's new!

PixelCloset on Etsy
Fun from Either Side!

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