Little White Boutique Dainty Lace Happy Etsy Story

lacy creations from little white boutique on etsy

Photo Credit: Little White Boutique/Etsy  Ring Bearer Pillow $25 with Heart Shaped Skeleton Key

I had a chance to talk to  Andra. Her Etsy shop is called Little White Boutique .  It is simply adorable and filled with white lacy, functional, and pretty creations! Andra, from Ireland, implements great textures together, like who would have thought burlap and lace would have looked so stunning?

Vintage Lace and Burlap Table Runner Little White Boutique on Etsy

Photo Credit: Little White Boutique/Etsy  Table Runner Implements Mix of Fabrics $27

I  wanted to know what her inspiration was. Andra says, "I always loved creating and always loved beautiful things. My first inspiration for crafts was my first crafts teacher. She thought me most of what I know today. And some things I have forgotten. She thought me basket weaving, candle making and weaving as well as the usual knitting. crocheting and embroidery, etc!"

artsy lace and burlap little white boutique on Etsy

Photo: Litte White Boutique/Etsy My favorite? These chic cutlery holders set of 6 only $12 total bargain!

I asked her how she came to be on Etsy. She sais, "A friend of mine introduced me to Etsy and I have not looked back since. Now I am making crafts full-time." Sigh, another Happy Etsy Story!

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