The Paintings of Armando Cabba Canada's Hidden Jewel

Mattieu Small Painting by Armando Cabba
If you didn't know Matthieu Small you do now, he's almost alive in this painting by Armando Cabba.
Canadian Painter : Canada's Hidden Jewel
I am so in love with the paintings of  Armando Cabba, he is very talented at only 22 his works show a level of talent that is often reminiscent of only Master painters.  Painting since he was 16, Armando then developed a great love for master paintings. His portfolio shows work going back to 2006, and you can watch as his level of detail progresses. He claims, "Before I was 16 I didn't have any incline or desire to do visual art." 
Armando Cabba Self Portrait
Earlier Work Pen & Ink Self portrait by Armando Cabba
If you look closely in the self portrait you may see the unspoken. Armando survived a tumultuous childhood and prevailed with the help of art.  Focusing on his incredible talent, soon he achieved a level of artistic freedom.   It is often said that art saves, and I couldn't agree more. 

So Young and So Talented

His talent is mesmerizing, and one can only look in awe and wonder how someone so young can capture this fine detail in everything he sees, and everything his brush touches. 

Armando Cabba Painting of "Sofia" Canada Artist
This exquisite painting "Sofia" speaks on it's own. Artist: Armando Cabba, Canada

What Inspires Armando Cabba ? 

He told me, "Examples of painters I'm influenced by and admire are Rembrandt, Sargent, Repin, and Lucien Freud. "
I asked what the base for these lovely paintings are. Someone he saw, or someone he fondly remembers? Armando says, "I paint subjects and themes of my life. From people I've met and become close with and issues from the past and present."
Untitled fine art paintint by Armando Cabba Montreal Canada artist
I can't believe this is really a painting. It looks more like a photograph.  Untitled artist mayhem by Armando Cabba
In my opinion, Armando is Montreal's, and quite possibly all of Canada's hidden jewel. It's just a matter of time before he's all over the place in Canadian and US Galleries. I'm very lucky to have had a chance to connect with him. 

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