Luck of the Irish Richard E Dalton Artist Designer

Etsy shop RichardEDalton Celtic TShirt Irish
Credit: Richard E. Dalton Etsy Shop , approx cost $22.72 USD
Check out these cute creations from Richard E.Dalton's Etsy shop. He's an Irish Artist/Designer from the northwest of Ireland .  In his shop you will find original illustrations, artwork, tshirts, custom maps,and greeting cards.

Manhattan Map NYC richard E dalton Etsy Shop
Maps are whimsical yet representative, this one is Manhatten, NY and is $30.95 in Richard E. Dalton's Etsy Shop
His maps are a combination of bright colors and a touch of pop art and oddly enough, very uniquely representation of the areas in which the maps are. For instance, the above Manhattan map is spot on.
Seoul Korea City map Richard E. Dalton Etsy Shop
Seoul, Korea looks gorgeous framed, just one of many City Maps by Richard E. Dalton on Etsy

Custom maps are available, simply convo him via his Etsy Shop.  From the variation in his art and design you can see that he does love creating whatever inspires him.
irish artist Richard E Dalton / Etsy
Richard E. Dalton's Irish Proverb Print is only $14.80 USD

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