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Warning: Pizza Party in Your Mouth.

Can you believe I lived about a mile from this place ( Giovanna's Italian Kitchen ) for the past 15 years, and only just started to eat there about six months ago? I never knew of they existed before, and most people I tell about them in my neighborhood don't know either.  Probably because if you blink, you will surely miss them.

They are on a tiny stetch of Harford road coming from Hamilton towards Parkville, they will be on the right. If you hit the Parkville Shopping Center, you've gone too far.  Parking is generally on a side street, and only has a few booths but it's romantic with little white lights and a trellis on your way in.  In fact, you will remember seeing the trellis if you frequent this part of town often, but not realize it was in front of an Italian restaurant. As you can see those who try it like it too.

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I tend to pick up my order or get it delivered.  With delivery they make sure not to smush your pizza with creative placement of plastic utensils and masking tape. (Very Tony Soprano) A large Sicilian is very affordable and I have to say it is the best pizza I've ever tasted in my life. I'm Italian and I have eaten pizza from 20 states.  The Sicilian is square and deep dish, lots of dough and not a lot of sauce. Lots of cheese and I learned early on to get the sausage topping. It's homemade too.

Their restaurant is clean and staff wears hair nets and aprons. I work in the food business so I am impressed from what I see. I waited on a canoli once and they made it in front of me. They have the shells premade but stuff their secret stuff inside. It is delicious.

Salads are good as well, and the Italian Cold Cut has a twist. Unlike some with oil and vinegar they have a blend of their own jizz they put on there. Not sure what it is but it's good. Maybe a mix of mayonaise and oils and spices but it's okay with me. Rolls always fresh and I have no complaints.

I wish I could tell you what else to eat there, as we did order a regular large round cheese pizza once but what's the point? Go Sicilian or go home. I'm not being paid to write this. I'm just thinking about it as I wait on my pizza to come in . 

1 Giant Sicilian w/ Sausage
1 Large Cold Cut w/ Everything
1 French Fry
1 Canoli
=$31.48 Delivered