Venice Beach Mac PC iPhone iPod Repair Tech Studio Artist Space

venice beach pc repair
Tech Studio Specializes in Mac, PC, iPhone, and IPod Repair in Venice Beach, California. Note the gallery artwork on their walls!

I thought this was interesting. A company named Tech Studio, located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, California does computer repair. Now they specialize in repairs for Mac and PC laptops and desktop computers. They feature onsite or drop-off service to all of Los Angeles County.  Also you can get iPhone and iPod Repair .

Tech Studio are computer repair experts and carry the normal selection of typical computer parts. More importantly, they feature a large selection of exotic and unique technology-related gadgets from around the world.

What makes this so awesome, besides the fact you drop off your computer and get it fixed quick and honestly?  That their products and services are all wrapped up in an abstract art gallery featuring fine art by Diana Hobson.  If you look closely at their website, Tech Studio you will see her wonderful works hanging on the wall, and one displayed on the counter.

So this is proof that technology and art goes hand in hand.  I would trust them to fix my PC!

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Contact Them:  310-392-3858
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