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patchwork quilt
This modern Patchwork quilt is on Etsy for $225 at QuiltyMcQuilterson
There is something beautiful and serene about quilts.  Perhaps it's the time and care and thought that goes into them. Perhaps they tell a story woven within the threads.  Maybe it's the fact you made them with friends or family members. One of the best memories I had as a child was visiting a friends and seeing their family quilt hanging.  Everyone was responsible for making part of the quilt.

For me, patchwork and quilting are two of my favorite hobbies. There's nothing more relaxing than spending some time putting together a beautiful quilt or piecing together a beautiful patchwork.

Adorable quilts of all shapes and sizes made by avisiontoremember on Etsy

One of the biggest problems I had was knowing where to get some quality supplies. Sure, you can go to the craft stores but what if you want unique one of a kind fabrics that are quality and will hold up ?   You can find many of the latest in craft materials and craft fabrics online, and a great place to start is with Cookes Quilting. I have found some great items from this site with some real bargains to be had and rare fabrics on offer.  This is the place to go to find quilting fabrics.

Etsy shop: SewCrazybyKatieM offers this "T-shirt" quilt! $90

The thing about quilts is once you have the great supplies the possibilities are endless!