Paris Styles: Model Turned Designer on Etsy

Paris Styles Art
Paris Styles 3-D Family Tree Art is amazing and lovely! Find this on Etsy.
Paris Styles Designs is a shop with lovely artistic creations by Paris Styles of Miami, Florida.  Yes, that's really her name.  She's a 29 year old model who who always dreamed of designing and creating art. Above you will find her wall art masterpiece that can be customized for any wedding, birthday, family tree, or wall design you so choose. It's three dimensional and large enough to make a statement in your living room.
Map Vase
This vase is $100 in her Etsy shop.

Paris is originally from New Jersey. Her work looks like something that belongs in an art gallery! The above vase has been hand dotted to create a unique design and hand embellished with maps and ribbons to create a one of a kind art piece!

Paris Styles
Paris Styles has transformed this glass vase into something amazing.

Perhaps it takes a model to bring so much beauty to the normal things, making them both extraordinary and functional. Check out her Paris Styles Designs Etsy shop or stop by to say hello!


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