Keda Wood Dye Stain Mix Yourself Eco Friendly

wood dye stain
Keda is offering the eqivalent of 5 qts of colored wood dye stain for only $9.99 which is also eco friendly. SAY WHAT?

Keda Wood Dye Stain : Five Stars $9.99 Price Point and Free Shipping USA

Handmade artisans look no further when purchasing  wood dye for that special arts and crafts project (or home remodeling project).  I heard about this product (that you hand mix yourself) form a carpenter because dyes like this have been used for years with custom and exotic wood stains.   Not only are the colors wonderful and easily customizable, but the price point is great. To me, the best part is that the wood dyes are less harmful impact on our environment. I'd call them eco friendly (read below.)   That's why I'm adding it as an Artist Resource.

What's better, made in USA, and on Etsy too!
keda wood dye

This is a must have for the Etsy seller or consumer who:

  • Stains furniture. 
  • Wants to create a unique color on wooden pendants. 
  • Wants a one of a kind custom color wood box !
  • Have a OOAK colored stain on wood paneling in your special room!
  • An Artist who makes wood decorative items and wants to offer a wide range of colors.
  • Someone who wants to give a rainbow look to their kitchen!
  • Can you imagine staining each cabinet face a different color in your studio? Oh yes! 

More about Keda's Wood Dyes and the Cost

In case you are wondering,  the wood dye ( wood stain ) is sold in a easy to use dye pack powder kit with five colors. You add the water.  Remember in the olden days when people would purchase those old individual packs of dye and mix this up themselves? Well there you go!  Keda Dye is concentrated so you can mixing what colors you need either in small batch quantities or larger quantities.  Artists will love this because you can basically tweak and make their own colors.

Best Value on the Market Today

The price point on these kits are only $9.99 which means you get five packs of color. If each pack can make five quarts of dye, that means you can mix over five quarts of wood dye stain for only $9.99 (FREE SHIPPING*).  There is nowhere in mass production stores can you go and have all these options for colored stain for $9.99.   Hello, you are getting over one gallon of dye and the color combos are endless.  Goodbye Minwax, hello Keda Wood Dye Stain. 
keda dyes
Think of how you can mix these colors!

Here is more on the wood stain kits.
Tips for mixing and color combinations on the dye is available here.

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*Author Note: Visit website as this company offers products made right here in the USA, and free shipping in the USA! Woot Woot