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kate thomas art

Kate Thomas Art on Etsy 

I just realized that Kate Thomas' artwork was also featured on Etsy!  If you don't know of her, Kate Thomas is a gorgeous watercolor artist whose work includes original watercolor on canvas paintings, high quality gicleĆ© prints and custom re-paints!  I love her work as it captures the colors of beautiful fields of flowers.

kate thomas art on etsy
Her work is available on etsy or her direct site.  This entitled "Violet and Cadmium" is stunning.

Kate Thomas Official Site

Kate does commission work, and hails from Norfolk, Virginia!  Her website, KateThomasArt.com shows only but a small sampling of her colorful portfolio. Her work is displayed at Art on the Avenue and other local art festivals.  I'm glad to see that she has expanded to the Etsy world too!  Whenever I see her abstract and colorful art, I think for a moment I must be in the beautiful set of What Dreams May Come.  I simply love her work.

Kate Thomas Poppies Painting Etsy
Poppies on canvas is stunning. This from Etsy.

Creating Wonderful Watercolor Art

Kate says, "I am a painter who is also a Mommy to 3 little munchkins. My canvas and paints are an escape from everyday chaos and the love that surrounds me inspires my pieces."    I wonder how does she find the time to paint?

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