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Custom Portrait by Garry West
Garry West Custom Portrait on Canvas - $230.00 unframed
Garry West's Realistic Commissioned Portraits

Garry West on Etsy offers realistic digital oil and watercolor paintings. These are great when you don't know what to get for that special occasion. Take for instance Christmas. What's better than to get a portrait of your loved one done from a original photograph?  Look at the comparison here:

garry west artist
Look how lovely Garry's work on right captures the baby on this commissioned piece.

This adorable baby was commissioned and yours can be too!  This is the type of quality work you will get by Garry.  This particular listing is for a 12x16" portrait on unframed canvas.  Garry hand paints these using a graphics tablet with tools that act just like a brush on canvas. This is absolutely beautiful and one must be highly skilled to do such detailed work.
Garry West Portrait on Etsy
garry west artist painting
Is this amazing or what?
Custom Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portaits are also another gift idea that we may overlook for our loved ones. If you have someone who just got married, now you know what to get them. People celebrating 5, 10, 20, 25, or even 30 year anniversaries would love to have an original painting to remind them of that special moment so long ago. Why not immortalize that special day in time with a Garry West Portrait?
Gibbon Monkey
This digital reprint of Garry's original work is only $12 and a must have for the Gibbon lover!
mccaw painting
This close up is just so you can see the gorgeous detail in this, go to Garry's Etsy shop to see the full work.
Print Your Own

Commissioned work is not all Garry does. His shop is filled with original reprints of his work, delivered to you in a JPG file at affordable prices. These are a cost effect way to have a gorgeous artist painting in your home for less, most average around $12--but you can decide what size you want to print it. You may wish to do a 20x20 or scale it down to an 8x10.
McCaw Bird on Etsy artist painting
This can be yours for $12

 You'll find everything from this gorgeous Gold McCaw bird to James Dean (even Jimi Hendrix) you will never know what you will find. Stop by and say hello to this wonderful Etsian.

More about this artist: 

Garry West is from Bedford, England.  He says, "Everything you see in my shop is hand painted meticulously using a graphics tablet and my forte is the striking realism which I strive to capture in every piece of artwork."

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