Monday, November 12, 2012

Dukkan Yasmina Etsy's Egypt Craft Goddess

agate skull bracelet
Bracelets like this set of 2 adorable blue agate skull bracelets cost $11.42 USD

Etsy is a site where sellers from all over can showcase their wares.  Dukkan Yasmina is a perfect example of an international seller bringing handmade wares all the way from Egypt.  Jessy L runs the shop from London where shipping is easily accessible to all over. Soon there will be plans on adding a whole line of purses, clutches and handbags soon.

handmade calligraphy ring

Gold plated Arabic Calighraphy Ring (Mashallah) approximately $27.73 in USD

calligraphy ring gold plated

It is so wonderful to see how different cultures take so much pride in their handmade work. I love this handmade calligraphy ring and the colors involved.  It is resizeable to fit most any ring size.

Purple Skull Bracelet
Gorgeous purple skull bracelet is lovely natural looking. $4.89 USD

In case you are wondering,  "Dukkan"  means "Shop" in Arabic.  Stay tuned for more great products from this shop! Buy Handmade!

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Exciting news, I'm working on a new site called Design-Swag. Check it out!
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