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Mermaid Print
Bealoo has a Mermaid Collection here on Etsy. Retail avg $15* see below for savings codes. 

For the Girl's Room: Mermaids So Majestic, Butterflies, and Fairies So Cute

This wonderful Kids wall art "Coral Mermaid" (Above) is an original 8"x10" art print from Bea Moritz'
Bealoo Etsy Shop. This colorful print is an 8x10" image on 8.5"x11" archival paper printed with high quality pigment ink.  Adorable Daisy Fairy (Below) is waiting for her forever home. Most of Bea's works are great duplicates of her originals--which she uses a lot of watercolor/inks on canvas.

Fairy Art Print
What's cuter than this fairy art print?  Available at Bealoo on Etsy (see below for savings codes.)
There's butterflies and whimsical creations in her store. Have you ever noticed that the right prints can really turn a room around? Let's say you want to change the theme of the room, but just don't have time to find the right decorations. Some new solid curtains and lovely prints can turn any children's room from drab into fab! 

Dinosaur Print on Etsy
Dinosaur Prints in various designs are adorable and available at Bealoo on Etsy (see below for savings codes).
 For Boys:  Dinosaurs , Sports, and Cars to Name a Few

"Tyrannosaurus" (above) is an original 8x10 inch print, but in Bea's shop you will find his cousin Stegosaurus, and Apatosaurus to name a few to make a great boy's room theme! Also for him you'll find sports galore and this adorable car print "Yellow Racer"  which reminds me of a go-speed-racer car!

Yellow Racer Art Print
Many little racer prints are available at Bealoo, but read below for savings codes.
There's so much more in the shop I can't even describe how cute they are. Whimsical and adorable sum it up. It was even hard to choose a favorite for this post, and you can tell I'm putting in way more photos than I normally do when I talk about an Etsy shop. That goes to show Bea is a great artist and her whimsy shows in these colorful kiddie prints!

Fairy Growth Chart
Adorable Fairy growth chart on Etsy at Bealoo, $40.25, see below for discount codes.

Growth Charts:  Fairies, Monsters, and More

You will also find a great selection of growth charts for boys or girls. Featured above is a lovely fairy growth chart.  Why ruin the wall or door when you can critique growth on this wonderful growth chart that can go with you when you move?  You will find his or hers models, this fairy is oh-too-cute!

Owl Art Print
So many adorable finds available at
Savings Codes

Bealoo oftens runs sales, you should read her shop announcement.  If you don't see any, use savings code use BEALOO15 to save 15% off your purchase.

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