Asian Beauty and Korean Skin Care What You Can Learn

Did you ever wonder why Asian beauties look so young and so very beautiful naturally? That's because most of the products they use on their skin contain high end natural ingredients. Chinese, Viennese, Taiwanese, Japanese and  Korean Skin Care follow several core principals.  I am divulging those secrets that may help your skin look younger too.
Zhang Ziyi
From, Zhang Ziyi, was on the list of the top 70 beautiful women for 2009.
1. Natural Beauty - Let It Shine
Overall there is no need to pile on a lot of make up because taking care of your skin is key.  Avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and using a lot of sunblocks can help preserve the radiance of your skin and make you look younger than you are.  Many skin products such as nightly under-eye serums contain natural ingredients like caviar!

Whitening Cream
Skin 79, retail $34, available at AFC

2. How To Get Gorgeous Porcelain Skin Like Lady GaGa
So have you wondered why the beautiful Asian actress has the white-porcelain like skin tone. Is it natural? Not exactly. Most Asians are born with a yellowish skin tone, and many want to lighten them with skin whitening creams and fluids, like the one above by Skin79.  Plenty of whitening creams are available on the market to give you the non-sunkissed look. These can also help you in lightening scars and evening out your skin tone! I'm also wondering if Lady GaGa uses any skin lighteners. She is very pale and pretty!
beauty cleansing kits

Cleaning and Cleansing Kits 

Cleansing kits contain natural ingredients like green tea, which not only clean the face but re-energize it.  Kits above are by Missha and you will find chocolate, strawberry and other natural ingredients. Average US retail is $24.

Asian Fashion City

Lip Tint vs Lipstick

Perhaps the best part is highlighting the natural beauty. True, there's lip liner and lipstick on the market but a favorite among the Asian culture is Colored Lip Tints. Note the model photo above, and you'll see she is wearing a lip tint and not a lipstick!
Asian Fashion City
Lip Gloss, $12 at Asian Fashion City highlights the lips and keeps them moist, but is never overdone.

Light flavorful glosses ensure that the lips won't dry out nor be too overdone.  Think about it.   Less focus on the lips make you drawn to the eyes and natural beauty of the face.

More Information 

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