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ArtStudio54 on Etsy
ArtStudio54's Typography "Love You to the Moon and Back" 8x8 art would go great in the modern home.

ArtStudio54 on Etsy is a super hip shop that offers typography and photography prints of original designs. You will find great art to frame on the wall, collect, or gift-give. Need I also mention that there are super cool iPhone case covers and other artful accessories. 
artsy iphone case
ArtStudio54 on Etsy offers this solution to shopping for that retro guy in your life, give him an iPhone case!
Happiness Print from Etsy Artist
"Happiness" print is an 8x8 canvas textured art print, for $25 at ArtStudio54
Combining an eye for all things modern give this shop a cutting edge over some print shops. A play on pixels, mod circles and a bit of retro "throwback" will keep you visiting often.
button candy art print
Does anyone remember eating these, or just me? ArtStudio54 brings back those memories and more!

There are also gorgeous rainbows will draw your eye to the beauty of the work.  Using many colors is a common theme of the shop.  Something like this would brighten up any wall....

mod circles

What I love vest is the overall modern feel of the shop.
In case you are wondering, the shop owner is a mom to two from Massachusetts. She stays busy by designing great graphics and capturing new images with her camera.  A lot of her artwork prints range in size from 5"x5" to 8"x8" which make for great little collections of art on your wall.

watercolor paints art print on etsy
Watercolor Paint Art print is 5"x5" and would look great in the artist studio.

You also should know she's a part of, where she supports our deployed troops by providing them images of their family, free of charge.

Is that cool or what?
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