Wood Hot Tub : Eco Friendly Love

wood hot tub
Twice now, (once besides drinking tea) I wish I lived in England. Then I could get  http://baltresto.com  to build me a wood hot tub.   Truth is, they use woods natural to their region (Estonia) and deliver these wonderful treasures anywhere from Italy to England!  They make hot tubs barrel style out of wood, which not only last but blend wonderfully into the natural surrounding elements of the environment.

I want one! Not just that, but there's a whole eco friendly reason to use them. For one, think of the landfill elimination of used fiberglass or plastic hot tubs.  I can only imagine that when it's time to replace the wooden hot tub, you can simply burn it up in your grilling pit.  Otherwise, those bulky fiberglass hot tubs probably sit and (won't rot) in a landfill taking up precious space.

Baltresto has an eco friendly green approach to the thing I love most - relaxing.  Thanks guys for being on top of your game!