Pure Beauty Art Wedding Flutes Beach Glasses

Wedding Unity Candle Set
Look at these gorgeous creations by Irina, this is a wedding unity candle set and can be personalized by PureBeautyArt.

Pure Beauty Art is a beautiful wedding art world--the creations of Artist Irina Cumberland. Now in Texas, she was originally from the Ukraine and has been painting and creating since she was a little girl.  She says, "I can't remember what was the magic that inspired me to become an artist because I don't remember when it started. It just was with me for all my life. I love painting! But my passion for weddings was always much stronger."

Champagne Wedding Flutes
Toasting flutes are simply gorgeous!

Her Etsy shop is a one stop shop for any bride to be.  In this Etsy shop you will find wedding champagne glasses, beach wedding favors, and even a  unity candle set! Champagne flutes are uniquely embellished and are simply lovely--something to treasure for years to come.

Wedding on Etsy
Beach Party or Wedding, you decide at PureBeautyArt on Etsy!

Irina explains, "When I create, time flies by and I forget about everything and dive into this divine feeling of serene pure beauty of painted lace and pearls."  This shop has much more, from cake serving sets to guest books. You'll find rose petals, photo frames and more! Custom personalization is FREE --and if you need something special just ask.


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