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Help for your Etsy shop!  This available at ShopResource!
The Cold Hard Facts: Choosing Good Keywords Is DIFFICULT.

The one thing that urked me about my Etsy shop listings was the fact I would try to figure out good keywords to use; but often this was hard. The first few were obvious but then I was stumped.  The problem is, lack of good keywords can really hurt your visibility on Etsy.

Not using the right keywords can keep your item out of view from buyers and hurt your shop sales.  Now you can change that with a downloadable Ebook called the Word Reference Guide by Ellen over at ShopResource .

She says, "This seller’s quick reference guide is a compilation of word lists for writing clear and compelling product descriptions for Etsy or other online venues. An invaluable resource for selling online and helping move your business forward, you will turn to it again and again for inspiration. Don’t sabotage your sales with boring or incomplete product descriptions that use the same old overused words! Buyers need to see, feel, imagine, touch, and taste the beauty and perfection of the item to feel good about making a purchase. You need to not only describe the features and benefits of your item, to paint a picture with words, but also to help your customers imagine how it will integrate into their lives, how they will feel when it belongs to them."

The word reference guide includes:
• words that describe size, dimension, quantity, weight, shape and form
• words for colors and words that describe finish or appearance
• words that describe pattern and texture
• a long list of descriptive adjectives, including words for intangible qualities
• action words that describe what the item will do, and what it will do for the buyer
• list of phrases that tout benefits
• words that describe your audience or market
• words that describe your technique or craft
• list of art styles, design eras, style subcultures
• glossary of Etsy’s Style Categories, defined
• words that describe era or time period
• list of types of events, seasonal themes, and a master list of holidays

COST:  Only $15.50, here.